Privacy Policy

EquityTrack is a professional cap table management provider and SEC-registered transfer agent. Our staff holds over 30 years of experience in the securities industry; we know how vital privacy is to all our clients. It is of the utmost importance; here at EquityTrack, we ensure that every piece of financial information is secure. The comprehensive software we use for nearly all of our client operations has a 128-bit data encryption and is backed up on a daily basis. This provides you with confidence and comfort knowing that your files and other sensitive information is safe in our hands. EquityTrack guarantees that we will not share any information with third parties without your written consent. We maintain this agreement for past clients as well, ensuring long-term privacy.

Information Disclosure

EquityTrack can only disclose personal or other business information under a specific set of circumstances, detailed below.

  • When the company requesting such information is authorized by a regulatory agency or other legal entity
  • If the company itself approves the release of otherwise private account information
  • When the disclosed information is necessary for EquityTrack to conduct its services
  • When the disclosure is required by law. An example would be providing information to regulatory and law enforcement agencies to prevent fraudulent activity

How We Acquire Information

EquityTrack collects financial data and personal information for our database as we perform our services. We obtain information from:

  • Stock Transfers and Issuances – this information comes from you, your brokerage firm, or issuers. It may include your name, phone number, email address, social security number, and more. Please contact us to change any of this information if necessary to ensure that you receive quality services and maintain your privacy.
  • Transactions – information relating to stock transfers, account balances, crowdfunding offerings, cap tables, and more
  • Other sources – information which EquityTrack obtains from outside sources with your consent.

Client Protections

EquityTrack uses procedural, physical, and electronic system safeguards to store and protect your personal information while complying with federal law. Our secure system protects you from unauthorized or unknown access to your personal and company information. We only allow current employees access to the information required to do their job.

EquityTrack appreciates every one of its clients for their prolonged support. We ultimately pledge to guarantee your privacy as outlined above.

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